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Ordering Prices and Information



Products made in and shipped from Australia
Prices in USD

Shipping internationally shall be $8 for up to four (5+ = $10)
Shipping locally shall be $4 for up to four (5+ = $6)
Local meetups in the Melbourne CBD are available ^__^

*Also! If there is any significant difference in shipping, I will gladly refund the rest!

International payment through Paypal only
Local payment through bank transfer (preferred) or Paypal (still in USD)

Please order in appropriate thread:
Custom Orders
Regular Orders

Combs have a very fine grip
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
As seen here modeled reluctantly by my brother

And here on my Build-a-Bear 'Baci'!

Packaging is as such:
Handmade cardboard pouches to protect them in transit X3

Thank you,
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